According to Forbes, Nissan, the Japanese carmaker and technology company, created a self-driving golf ball. Rather than a golf ball, this is an electronic device resembling a golf ball that, when hit by a club, will find its own way to the hole.

How does it work?

If you’re aware of the level of development of self-driving cars, this may not seem as surreal as it looks. The device needs a drone over the course, “telling” it where the hole is in real-time. After the hit, the sensors of the device read its own position regarding the hole and change its route. The player doesn’t even need to apply strength to the hit; the device has an electric engine which will propel it until the victorious strike is reached.

The power of technology

Obviously, the Forbes article does not make any mention of the possible commercialisation of this device as a product. The YouTube video, shared by Nissan, has a funny and light tone and intends to demonstrate the power of technology and how Nissan is getting ready to the challenges of the future.

Tiger Woods does not need to worry, though, as this electronic device could not replace him. However, amateur clubs in Scotland and throughout the world should be wise and watch out for eventual cheaters trying to use a tool like this. At a semi-professional level, a small trajectory adjustment to a stroke might be the difference between a win and a defeat.