You can smoke when golfing or even when just visiting a golf course with friends, family or business partners. But with the coming of nicotine pouches, you can spare the atmosphere, the fumes and keep it right with other golfers and patrons at the course.

But how do you get that buzz without burning a cigarette or two? Try nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches are the talk of the town for smokers who want to get their high discreetly. As the name suggests, these are pouches filled with nicotine, and some brands, like Nordic Spirit UK, have taken things a notch higher by adding flavours.

Nicotine pouches are an alternative to smoking, and interestingly, there’s no smoke involved. You only need to place the pouch between your gum and lips and let the buzz start settling in. You get the exact hit of a cigarette. You can imagine no one will notice you smoking, and besides, you can have flavoured brands so you won’t be left with that bad cigarette odour that may put others off.

Nicotine pouches are now available at many online stores, so you can order a tin for your next golfing session and see how it works.