If you dream of a hole-in-one at the British Open or birdies on your local golf course, you must show determination and practice regularly. Behind every golf club, there is a thriving social scene often based in the clubhouse. No matter how good a golfer you are, you will want to look your best. This applies when you are playing golf or having a meal and a drink in the bar after a game. If you are not satisfied with your body, you should consider Motiva’s teardrop implant breast augmentation. You could lose confidence in your golfing prowess if you are not happy with how your body looks.

Why Consider Motiva?

Designed to simulate the shape of a natural breast, it is the only smooth anatomical implant available worldwide. It comes with fixation tabs to help keep the implant in place, as well as radiopaque orientation dots and lines to guide the surgeon during the procedure and to confirm implant position by X-ray. Contact Motiva to discuss a teardrop implant and the benefits of this type of breast improvement. Some of the advantages that will appeal to female golfers are:

  • The implants come with a smooth silk surface to avoid capsular contracture.
  • Rotation-proof implants, which are covered in dots that enable their position to be viewed by X-ray. This allows any surgeon to confirm their correct fixation and orientation.
  • The risk of implant displacement is further strengthened by the use of two silicon tapes which are sutured to tissue at the time of the operation.

As well as this, Motiva takes care of everything, including putting you in touch with a surgeon near where you live; you then choose the implant of your choice from a wide range. Next, have your operation and register your implants with Motiva for warranty purposes. Finally, the surgeon will give you details of how to conduct your post-operative recovery. The implants are covered by a lifetime warranty against rupturing. For greater confidence, you can buy an extended warranty against displacement.


Everyone likes to look their best, especially when attending public events and golfers are no different. If you improve your self-confidence, it will lead to a greater sense of well-being and also an improvement in your golfing ability. You must undertake continuous practice and dedication to the sport you love. Why not consider making your appearance look better? Confidence and golfing ability go hand in hand and can help by improving your golf strokes immensely. Check on the Motiva site today, and you can realise your ambition to be a better golfer and have the benefits of the body shape you desire. In no time at all, you could be the next club champion.