A young 19-year-old golfer from County Tyrone, Ulster, was hit by a lightning strike while playing in Atlanta, United States. Although “bruised and shaken”, the young adult survived. He was under a tree when it happened.

A golf trip ended badly

Ryan Murphy had planned the United States trip for a whole year and spent the Summer in that country working. He was now participating at a major tournament, where the renowned Rory McIllroy was also playing.

Murphy’s father was texting him and stopped getting replies while watching on TV that a storm was going on. The next 45 minutes was quite scary for the family until Murphy finally replied.

Sheltering under a tree

According to The Sun, Murphy took shelter under a tree for a brief period while the storm was unfolding. He only remembers waking up “a few yards” away from the tree and with all the medical emergency services around him.

Tall structures attract bolts of lightning. All scientific and technical advice recommends avoiding being nearby tall structures, like utility poles or trees, during such events. Some even say to avoid wearing umbrellas or lying down to the ground while the storm is passing by. While golfing during a lightning storm, avoid trees.