You may have read our article about the reasons to play golf, but maybe you’re not that convinced that you need a sport. Why start to play golf in the first place? Let’s check it out.

A time for relax

Nowadays, lots of people get out of their jobs and put themselves into long walks in nature, spending time outdoors and doing exercise. They aim to experience the peace, quiet and silence of being outdoors. Golf fits 100% in this scenario.


It can be a calm pastime, but it doesn’t have to be lame. Quite the opposite. Ask all those professional golfers out there, how much they have to extract from themselves to get the perfect shot, try after try after try. Learning is easy and quick, but mastering golf can be very difficult and challenging.


The game authorities are making and effort to democratize it and attract new players. But the truth is that this is still a sport where you’ll find all kind of successful people. If you’re in search of building better business connections, find a club and start playing. Remember: this advantage is totally cumulative with the previous two, and with the next and final one.

Life lessons

Golf does not only teach people the virtues of hard work. It also teaches other valuable lessons. Your mind trains its focus capabilities. You train the ability to clear your mind of everything that it is not needed to achieve your immediate goal. The option of going safe or taking a risk is widely practised on the greens. And the need to be humble and conscient that you have a great amount of responsibility for your destiny are also there.